All swimwear is made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. All our tops have removable molded pads which offer you the freedom of choice!

All tops are lined with the same material as the swimwear itself, lending it more substance & a luxurious feel when wearing your suit.

Please hand wash in cold or warm water with laundry soap for the best and most lasting wear. Do not bleach or put in washing machine and avoid long periods in the hot tub. Never put your swimwear in the dryer! This will damage the spandex and elasticity of your suit. If you tend to use a lot of sun tan oil or lotion, make sure you try to wash this out as best you can, since the chemicals tend to wear down elasticity quicker, and also discolour lighter coloured suits.

We use natural shell and stone in our swimwear. Please use these with care as natural materials require more careful use.



Our sizes so lean to the Petite side, and so for those with a fuller American/European/Austrailian B cup, we recommend a size 3 top for you.
For fuller C, we would recommend a size 4.
For those looking for Maternity Tops, we tend to advise you to purchase a top one size up from your normal cup/top size. However, dont worry we have a very easy return policy so if anything does not fit right, we are happy to exchange or return unworn & unused items. *see returns for details

Sabina Swims tops, bottoms and children's suits are sized to fit as follows:

Sabina Swims T O P S F I T
Sabina Swims Size 1 2 3 4
Bust (in inches) 32/34AA-A
(we fit petite cups & figures very well
in this size )

(we recommend full A cups for sz 2)

(we recommend full B cups for sz 3)

(we recommend full C cups for 
sz 4)

Sabina Swims T O P S F I T
Sabina Swims Size 5 (offered for Mommy Me  & Drawstring Modest Me Tankini styles Only)   

Bust (in inches)

38/40 C/D (no underwire support)

*This piece will fit the chest and cup size wonderfully,
but as a result, it may be a little loose at the
torso and abdomin area for Drawstring Modest Me.


Sabina Swims B O T T O M S F I T
Sabina Swims Size 1 2 3 4

Hip measurement (in inches)

Our suits fall on the petite side of sizing.
plse note! All our bottoms sit at or below the hip bone.

Refer to style page to determine the 'rise' of the pant.

USA: 2-4
USA: 4-6
USA: 6-8
USA: 8-10

A Note on Sabina Swims M O M M Y  M E  Maternity & D R A W S T R I N G  M O D E S T  M E Tankini  Fit:

Mommy Me Tankini and Drawstring Modest Me are the only tops that comes in a size 5. This size is good for 38/40 C/D cups (note that there is no underwire support) and this will fit the cup size but as a result if you have a narrower torso, this may be a little loose on the abdomin area. 


Sabina Swims O N E P I E C E   F I T (Lola One, Liz Taylor, Cutaway styles)


Swims Size1-4

 Please remember that our suits size on the petite side!

Size 1: 5'0-5'2 tall, bust A-B cup
Size 2: 5'3-5'5 tall, bust A-B cup
Size 3: 5'6-5'8 tall, bust A-C cup
Size 4: 5'8-5'10 tall, bust A-C cup


G I R L S'  F I T  

Sabina Swims Size Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large Extra extra Large

For One piece suits: sizing is based on Child's height (in centimeters)

For bikinis the sizing is based on the waist size. Here measured in centimeters.

one piece: for babies
under 70cm tall. This allows for room for  a swim nappy.

For up to 1.5 yr olds

bikini: not offered in this size

one piece: 75-85cm tall

bikini: waist 50-55cm circumference

one piece: 85-95cm tall

bikini: waist 54-64cm circumference

one piece: 100-110cm tall

bikini: waist 64-68cm circumference

one piece: 115-125cm tall

bikini: waist 70-75cm circumference

one piece: 130-140cm tall

bikini: not offered in this size

*If at any time whilst shopping online you feel unsure of the right size for you, please feel free to either call us in Hong Kong (GMT + 8hrs) at +852 2115 9975 or email us at and we can try to answer your questions to find the perfect suit for you!